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Yorkshire Cinema Advert

Alive with adventure; Showcasing North York Moors.


Promotional video



Welcome to Yorkshire approached us with 6 weeks notice to make a cinema advert on behalf of North York Moors National Park. The advert had to showcase the area at its best and highlight the many different activities that can be undertaken there. As well as being broadcast in cinemas, it would also be used as an advert for online broadcasters. The client had never made an advert for cinema and asked us to look after the”Clearcast” process to ensure the film met strict advertising standards and could be delivered in time for the advertising slot they had purchased.


We worked closely with the client to understand what they wanted to the film to do. Time was against us as we had a lot to fit in to ensure we could script, film and edit the film in time to get it through the Clearcast process. With only 30 seconds to “sell” the park, we needed make every shot count so decided to create a sequence of memorable scenes that showed a range of people, locations and activities. We wanted to immerse the viewer in the experience, so as well as filming stunning pictures both on the ground and from the air, we created a dramatic soundscape, to put the audience in the moment.


With a limited budget, time and a great many locations and activities to film, we packed all of our filming days, from dawn till dusk. Clever planning was essential and we used our own and our client’s contacts to set up filming opportunities and find volunteers to play our cast.  The weather played its part and we had to flex arrangements on the go to ensure we filmed North York Moors at their best. In post production we edited the pictures together, adding stirring music and our dramatic soundscape, created from natural and man made sound effects. The result was 30 seconds that really packed a punch!


To connect the film with the audience, we had to make sure it passed rigorous standards set by the bodies who would be playing the advert. We took on this responsibility for the client, ensuring the film met the technical and ethical criteria. We are delighted to say we met the deadlines set by our client and the advert was played all over the UK, in cinemas, public spaces and online.