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Go Construct: Pride and Joy

Exploring the pride and joy of a career in construction.


Promotional video

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The team behind the Go Construct brand wanted a video campaign to showcase the pride and joy that a career in construction can bring.  The team knew that family and friends play a large part in the decision making process when people are choosing a career and wanted to involve both construction workers and their parents.


After a competitive tendering process, the Go Construct Team came to us with a concept, based on existing videos, to feature young people quizzing their parents about what they understood about their jobs in construction. The second part of filming would feature the same pairs on a “take your parent to work” day, to try and educate them further. The films were to have a light touch, to highlight the pride of the parents and the joy that a career in construction brought to their children.   We decided to film every case study in the same way, using white infinity coves for the initial Q&A sections, before spending half a day with each family group as they were shown around work. By filming in this uniform way, we could cut them in a number of different ways in the edit.


We filmed over several months, covering England, Scotland and Wales and created schedules in which economies of scale could be built in. We worked hard to put our contributors at ease, to get nice, natural reactions. Once we’d filmed the Q&A session with our pairs, we worked directly with them to create filming opportunities at work that would be of most interest to their parents and the wider audience.  Our client had to trust us to look after their relationships with their own client base and network. In post-production we were able to cut the content in a number of different ways to create themed films around subjects like apprenticeships and women in construction.


As well as creating the main films we also produced a number of social media clips. Together they formed part of a wider campaign online and in the media. Although the campaign was only launched very recently, we’ve already had very positive feedback from both the Go Construct team and their clients, who hope to be able to use the footage for their own campaigns in the future.