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“Fantastic value and the content has performed well on social media. The planning and production process was excellent. It was a truly collaborative process and Dependable were responsive, often going above and beyond what was needed”

Stephen Armstrong, Head of Digital and Social Media Smart DCC


Smart DCC is the digital backbone of the UK’s energy system. It connects homes and businesses to a single, secure network for digital smart meters that’s helping us use and understand our energy better. The company needed a flagship video that leaders could use to help key stakeholders understand what the DCC does in a clear, concise way. The DCC also wanted to be able to show the video in its offices as well as running on its website and social channels.


The role of the Smart DCC is not an easy concept to explain. We realised early on that the film needed to not just tell but also show the viewer how the system works. But with most of the process taking place virtually, there wasn’t much to film. Instead, we pitched the idea of using graphics to take viewers behind the scenes of the DCC system, bringing to life the virtual world. This visual explanation would be delivered by our in house presenter, Kate Simms, alongside filmed images of how the system affects our every day lives. We developed a script in collaboration with the DCC team that described the offer as clearly and concisely as possible. It’s complex system so we ensured accuracy by taking time to sense check our words with technical engineers. We storyboarded each scene so the DCC had a really clear vision of what we were proposing. In order to film the scenes we needed, we had to find a house that all the elements we needed including smart meters, solar panels and an EV point. We worked with location agencies and the DCC to source houses that met our needs. Finally we cast a family of extras to populate our home. We shot listed the script so we could plan our shoot so as to make the best use of time and resources.


Filming took place over 4 days and in 4 different locations including 2 houses, the DCC offices and on various outdoor locations. We had a fairly large cast and crew as there was a lot to cover and some shots that needed careful choreography: For example, we used a specialist long lens to create the sensation of the viewer entering the virtual world of the DCC and a carefully orchestrated shot where day and night seemed to happen in a flash. It was a challenging shoot but one that delivered exactly what we had planned.

At the same time filming was happening, our 3D graphics team began creating our virtual world, producing style frames for approval before animating them. Our picture editor blended the animation with the filmed footage, grading the pictures and adding sound and music.


Our client was delighted with the film, which was delivered to time and budget. Feedback from the DCC has been overwhelmingly positive. One quote sums up the general feeling well: “I’ve seen this video twice now, it provides outstanding context to what we do in simple to understand language. It makes me feel proud of what I do for a living”.