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Evergreen Life Advert


Our client Evergreen life approached us in late October with a view to launching a TV advertising campaign to promote their health and wellness app to win new users in 2021. With just over 6 weeks to have 2 adverts ready for broadcast approval, we knew we had to work fast. Working with a marketing agency who’d been carrying out audience research and concept development, we began to quickly refine ideas and then scripts. The concept of “Happychondria”  where control of your health and wellness appears improve happiness, became the campaign.


Together we developed two 30 seconds treatments that showcased this “utopian” state in a light and funny way. “Pet Control” featured a happy dog owner whose use of the app had apparently put her in such control of her health, she was now able to use her new found “power” to direct her dog to do tricks with just facial movements. The other showed a man in such a good state of “Happychondria” that he was relaxed enough to let his aspiring magician grandson try to saw him in half. Alongside scripting we worked to source our cast via remote auditions and find a location, which was challenging during the pandemic. We found a dog who could perform without voice command and commissioned props like our magicians box to be built.


Filming both adverts took one day at a single location around 3 weeks later. We worked in a COVID safe way, taking temperatures, maintaining distance and using masks and sanitiser. Alongside our in house team we also booked specialist camera and sound operators to deliver really polished pictures that would look great on TV. With no dialogue, we had to direct our actors well to ensure the audience could understand the story. In post production, we edited and graded the pictures in line with the concept adding a guide voiceover for the first drafts. Once approved, we added the voice of a well known actress to ensure we set the right tone.


Making the adverts was only half our job as we had to ensure they passed strict broadcast advertising guidelines and met the requirements of the media buying agency who had pre-booked the airtime on our behalf. We supplied the adverts in a range of different formats and were delighted when they were cleared in time for our first slot on Monday 4th January. Our client was delighted with the films and the results they delivered with app download numbers immediately increasing.