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Video vernacular: Pub quiz

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Every profession has its own jargon, those words that mean very little if you are not in the know. The language of filmmakers can be particularly confusing, and while we believe in straight talking, this little quiz should shed light on those weird words you’ve heard of but are not quite sure of the meaning. No prizes, it’s just for fun – but it might help you look flash next time you’re on set!

No googling!!

  • What are rushes?
  • In video terms, what is a D.O.G?
  • What does GV stand for and refer to?
  • Where might you see a zebra on a film set?
  • If someone ask for “cans” what would you give them?
  • What does PTC stand for?
  • What will be happening if someone shouts “Speed!”?
  • What is a green screen?
  • If someone is asked to “move the sticks” what would they do?
  • What is the standard frame rate for film?

Scroll down for the answers ( no peeking beforehand!)







1. Rushes refers to raw, uncut footage. 2. A D.O.G is a graphic logo you might see in the corner of the screen and means digital onscreen graphic. 3. GV means General View and refers to (generally) a wide shot of the environment, building, interior, vehicle, production process, activity or just about anything you’re shooting. It’s used to give a general overview of what’s surrounding your story. 4. You’d see a Zebra in a view finder or LCD screen. They are black and white vibrating diagonal stripes that appear on overexposed parts of the image, to help filmmakers judge exposure. 5. A pair of headphones. 6. PTC = piece to camera. It refers to a presenter or interviewee delivering direct to camera. 7. “Speed” indicates the cameras are recording. 8. Simply, a green screen is a green piece of cloth or painted wall against which subjects are filmed. It allows any background to be placed behind the subject in post production. 9. Move the camera tripod. 10. 24 frames per second.