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Video delivers. The UK wide campaign that has seen conversion rates soar for premier estate agent.

Promotional video


Dependable’s main strengths are their ability to interpret a client brief, the brilliant way that they interact with interviewees and ultimately, the creative execution of the final video.”


Graham Smith – Former Assistant Director, Digital Marketing, Savills


Savills, one of the largest estate agents in the world, wanted to use video to draw people to its website and attract a broader customer base. After making a pilot film, we were commissioned to make a film for every Savills office in the UK.


We worked closely with both the communications and digital team at Savills to understand the brand before embarking on what became a year long campaign. Using testimonies from happy customers, we ensured each film accurately reflected the Savills offer and brand and there was a cohesiveness across the 100 + films. We also created an efficient filming schedule and found economies of scale to ensure value for money across the project.


In all, we have produced around 120 films for Savills office micro sites. Each film featured shots of “typical” Savills properties and testimonies from both staff and happy clients. We prepared complex shooting timetables that used both the crew and interviewees in the most economical way. Post production was carried out simultaneously with production to fit in with deadlines. In the edit, we worked from their print brand guidelines to develop a consistent look and feel for graphics, creating opening titles, name straps and a closing call to action. All the films were on time and on budget.


Using sophisticated analytics on their website, Savills were quickly able to see a positive impact from the videos, both in terms of overall visitors to their sites, and the numbers of click through enquiries that generated. They saw a 100% increase in visitors to their website with an equally impressive number of conversions. While we can’t claim all the credit, as there was other SEO refinement happening, Savills credited most of the success to the video content.