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Health Education England: AMR

A tool to help GP’s reduce the prescribing of antibiotics.



Public Sector


“The feedback has been really positive and people are using the animation within different settings to raise awareness.”

Mohamed Sadak – Health Education England


Antimicrobial resistance is fast becoming one of the most serious threats to human health, endangering the efficacy of antibiotics, which have saved millions of lives. The crisis has been attributed to the overuse and misuse of antibiotics themselves.  As part of a drive to reduce the prescribing of antibiotics, we were commissioned jointly by HEE and Chief Medical Officer, Dame Sally Davies, to create a film that GPs could show to patients to help them understand why they might not be given them.


We had to immerse ourselves in the subject and work with the Royal College of GPs to understand and address the challenges that GPs face. It wouldn’t work to simply tell the public to change their ways. Instead we had to motivate them to make the decision themselves, by describing the negative impact of overuse of antibiotics. To make what can be a complex subject simple, we decided to make an animated film that characterised antibiotics and superbugs and make it relatable to patients of all ages and backgrounds.


We worked with our experts to develop an accurate, but simple, script. We then shared illustrations of our key characters for approval by our clients, before animation started. We secured the services of a talented voiceover artist who was able to deliver the script in a number of different ways, to give the client a choice of approaches and used music to add drama and interest.


The film has been shared with GPs and is now being used in surgeries all over the UK.