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Making of a Masterplan. Winning hearts and minds at Lord's.



Promotional video


“ Excellent value for money. I feel that in using Dependable, MCC get the benefit of top-notch producers / presenters / editorial, but at a more reasonable cost than larger production companies.”

Neil Priscott, Head of Media and Communications, Marylebone County Cricket Club


Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) needed a video to showcase its “Updated Masterplan” for the development or the Lord’s ground. The purpose of the film was to convince members to back the plans voted for by the MCC board and provide a transparent view of its pros and cons.


We knew the audience for the film was a very intelligent one, that would not appreciate a “salesy” approach. So we decided to approach the project through the eyes of the viewer and used experienced sports presenter Rob Bonnet to ask the questions to MCC officials that members would want answering. We developed an outline script that covered all the key messages and ensured we knew what we needed to get out of our contributors. To give the audience the best overview of the planned development we suggested using aerial footage of the ground, onto which we annotated graphics that described when and where change would happen.


We filmed over three days, capturing inspiring imagery from a test match day, a full day of interviews with MCC representatives and well known faces from the world of cricket and a final day of aerial filming with our drone. In post production we edited the interviews in line with the script, adding inspiring music and creating graphics to illustrate the scale and timeline of the development.


As well as creating the main film we also produced a number of social media clips and a 360° view of the development which gained a great deal of traction online and helped generate a buzz about the plans. It was picked up by the national newspapers, with the Daily Telegraph describing the film as “slick”. MCC were delighted with both the quality of the film and the positive attention it got. Over 90% of MCC members have since voted in favour of the Updated Masterplan.