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Teesside University Whiteboard Animation

Visualising a new partnership opportunity


Teesside University needed a film to describe how Knowledge TransferPartnerships (KTPs) work, to encourage businesses to work with them.  The three way partnership involving academics and businesses, with an associate working between them, facilitates an exchange of ideas and skills to help develop the local economy and infrastructure. However,  with no available case studies to film and lots of information to convey, we needed to come up with a way to explain KTP’s in a visual way.


We knew creating animation would allow us to describe Teesside’s offer clearly, but creating bespoke visuals in this way can rack up the cost. With a tight budget, we suggested a more economical approach – a whiteboard animation. These are essentially sketches that appear to be hand drawn in front of the viewer. Our first step was develop a script working with the client. Once approved we created a narrative story board to describe each scene, using visual tools to convey fact. For example, lightbulbs to describe ideas or a mountain to describe a challenge. Once agreed, we moved onto to bringing these to life.


We commissioned an illustrator to create each scene and developed them until the client was happy. Then it was time to animate, using specialist software to bring each scene to life  We added a narrative voiceover from our in house presenter Kate Simms and added appropriate production music and branding.


Teesside were extremely happy with the finished film and because the sketches had allow them to visualise the final video, there were no amends. Such was the success of the film that 6 other universities have – with Teesside’s permission – asked us to repurpose it so they can use it.