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The Christie: Review of the year

Hospital Review of the Year presented by its patients.


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The Christie Hospital produce an annual review of the year, that highlights the achievements and milestones of the past 12 months.  We’d already successfully delivered a the 2017/18 review as a magazine style programme and the team at the Christie wanted to build on that approach for the 2018/19 film. They also wanted to put patients front and centre of the broadcast.


While the previous film had featured links and short videos delivered by our presenter, we decided to ask patients to become our reporters, telling their own stories alongside the hospital’s achievements. We worked with the Christie to identify which stories to cover, how to tell them and with whom. We developed programme scripts with the comms team and talked to the patients to identify how they might deliver to camera. Alongside this and to raise the profile of the film, we engaged the services of Gordon Burns, a household name in the North West, to act as our anchor.


We spent a number of days working with patients to film their reports. We used autocue and coached them to to help them deliver their lines and to get the best out of them. We also carried out interviews with staff and other patients on their behalf. On our “programme record” day we created a studio space in the main reception of the hospital, where our anchor recorded links and interviewed staff. In post production we edited a long and short version of the programme which included both our patient reports and short “news” items.  We sourced appropriate “news” production music and created bespoke graphics and programme ‘stings” to add to the dynamism of the broadcast.


The short programme was played at a staff awards night where it was incredibly well received. Meanwhile the longer “programme” is being used online and at events to help raise the profile of the work being done by the Christie.