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Our client BDO approached us to make a film to promote its Global Payroll Service.  The team at BDO wanted to engage a wider, international audience and clearly explain what it could do for clients. The global nature of the audience meant that BDO wanted the film to have very strong and creative visuals with clear messages to overcome potential language barriers.


Having worked with BDO before we knew the firm’s brand and visual identity well. Using this photographic, image based style as a creative influence we came up with the idea of using stock video as the basis for the film. This stock imagery would give us flexibility to represent BDO’s global reach by showing a diverse range of people. The footage would be manipulated using brand colours and an animated 3D globe to show BDO’s international capacity.  To this, we would add motion tracked graphics and a voice over to clearly showcase the breadth of the offer.


Getting the script and storyboard right was crucial and we spent time fine tuning the film’s key messages ahead of any production taking place.  Part of this process was sourcing the best stock video for the project. We worked collaboratively with the project team to do this before creating short examples of how the graphics and animation would work with the imagery so the team could approve it. We then created the film in line with the script, adding appropriate music and professional voice over from our in house artist.


The project board were really pleased with the video and the feedback from the payroll teams has been positive. The film is now helping BDO people around the globe to succinctly describe the global payroll offer both to new and existing clients and to build brand awareness.