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Making webinars more Dependable

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Why webinars work!

Webinar services like GoToWebinar and Webex are brilliant for creating online conferences for national and international audiences.  They are economical: think what you’ll save on venue hire, travel expenses and time. That also means they are environmentally responsible – no air miles here! And they are also data rich: You can use power point, share documents and have multiple contributors. However they can be limited. They rely on webcams and built in audio, so the quality might not match your brand values . They can also get a bit chaotic when there are multiple contributors trying to get their point across, with some that you can see and some that you can’t.

A Dependable Webinar is a bit different…

We combine all the benefits of a webinar with high quality production values, to deliver an interactive experience that, with a good internet connection, looks and sounds as good as a TV broadcast. Our mobile studio takes over the host webcam functionality, replacing it with multiple cameras and microphones. We can then film panelists and presenters in discussion, while responding live to questions from the invited delegates via the webinar platform. We can also create pre-recorded videos to enhance the experience. The result is a magazine style programme in broadcast quality – held together if needed by a presenter, who might be one of your people or it could be our in house presenter, Kate Simms, a former BBC presenter with more than a decade of TV experience.

What our clients say…

We recently produced a series of 8 webinars for our client CITB, who wanted to encourage training organisations to sign up to its new training model. The webinars reached over 800 people with very low drop out rates during the webinar. CITB’s CRM Business Change Manager Fiona Wilson, who managed the project told us…

” I think webinars are much more effective than being in a meeting room as they encourage more openness and questions. They’re also more cost effective and I think Dependable have done such a great job in raising the bar for webinars. The production quality is superb, so it’s a fantastic way to enhance your brand.”

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