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How we do it

Concept, Create, Connect. Our ISO9001 assured video production process for making results driven videos.
Concept: we listen first and then produce a creative concept that delivers to your brief.
Create: we create videos using the most experienced people and the best kit.
Connect: unlike many production companies we connect the content with your audience.


While every Dependable production is bespoke, each project follows our ISO9001 quality assured production process.

Before we make your video, we’ll work hard to understand you: your message, your drivers, your audience and how to reach them. Our BBC background means we’re experts in immersing ourselves in the subject and understanding it, no matter how complex.

We also understand the best way to reach an audience is to move them in some way. So we strive for creativity in everything and everyone. Every project is bespoke: that doesn’t mean expensive – it just means we want to deliver your message in the most engaging way we can.

From there, we’ll develop a script or treatment, a budget and a delivery strategy. You’ll get a complete picture of what your video should look like, deliver and cost.

Our decades of experience help you get it right, first time.


Whatever the concept or idea, we have the tools and skills in house to deliver what you need.

We can create any style of video on any subject. We make everything from simple talking heads, to dramatic reconstructions, documentaries and 3D animations.

High production values and state of the art equipment are standard. We own all our kit and invest in it, so we can keep our costs competitive without be constrained creatively. We are continually improving our  resources so that we can deliver great looking videos that offer real value for clients.

Good kit is only great when it’s used in the right way. So you also get the benefit of our collective years of production experience in the broadcast and corporate sectors. The challenge we set ourselves is to do one thing better every day, to ensure our clients get the best possible service and results.


To be effective your video needs to both reach and connect with your audience. Sticking it on YouTube and hoping people find it isn’t good enough.

We work with you to “package” your video in the best way possible to reach your audience and where they are likely to view the content. That might be creating shorts alongside your core video that are reformatted for specific social media outlets or creating different versions for different audiences, internal and external for example. We can also take responsibility for clearing content for distribution, for example the “Clearcast” process for advertising.

For those with existing digital marketing strategies in place, we can simply supply the agreed versions of your film. But we can do more for those without such a strategy. We’ll help you define your audience profile and work directly with media buying agencies to promote your film should you need it.

We’ll also look after your investment long term and will suggest ways your material may be used to deliver more value in the future.

Our Concept Create Connect Philosophy is delivered through our comprehensive range of In house services including.

  • Creative concepts
  • Project management
  • Scripting
  • Planning and research
  • Filming in HD, 2K, 4K and 5.2K
  • Aerial filming
  • Matterport 3D virtual tours
  • Photography
  • Event coverage
  • Event streaming
  • Hybrid event production
  • Post production
  • Animation
  • Audio design
  • Voiceover
  • Presenting
  • Delivery and distribution strategy
  • Webinar Production
  • Media Training
  • In-House Video Training
  • User Generated Content Training