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New brand. New Websites. Same great service.


New brand

In over 13 years, the Dependable brand identity has served us well.  But the need to refresh our website gave us the perfect opportunity to create not one, but two new brands to join us on the next stage in our development journey.  We have spent a lot of time thinking about who we are and why we are proud to be still working today with our first ever client from 13 years ago.  It’s a fun process which resulted in our brand values:

Dependable Productions logo

  • Do one thing better every day.
  • Creativity is in everything and everyone.
  • Excellent results start with challenging questions.
  • Unless it makes a difference, don’t do it.
  • Delivering value is about much more than cost.
  • Get it right first time.
  • Talk sense.
  • Outstanding service, naturally.
  • Respect is earned, spend it wisely.
  • Leave only a good impression.
  • Work hard, have fun, be kind.

All of that boils down to:

“We make brilliant videos that deliver results”

So why the green? Well, according to colour analysis, green is a symbol of fertility. Green M&Ms are even said to send a sexual message – and green is actually supposed to stop your workers having stomach problems. All good to know! However, we chose green because we like it. It’s fresh, clean and we think optimistic. And according to the analysis bods – it can also symbolise new growth. And that’s what we’re hoping for!

New Websites

We always challenge our clients to put the audience at the heart of their videos and we thought it was about time we laid the same gauntlet down to ourselves, by delivering a website that answered as many of your questions as possible and to help you get the most of any investment you make in video.  So, on this site you’ll find lots of useful information: pages about how we can help you, how we work, helping you make a video that delivers, choosing a video production company and the value of video.

There are lots of real examples of how our videos have helped clients connect with their audience and delivered results, so you can understand how we might assist you. You’ll also be able to put faces to the names on our “Dependable People” page.

Additionally, our growing drone business needed a new home and the launch of dependabledrones.co.uk provides just that.  It’s still fully integrated into our production company but if you just need our drone services, you now have a place to go to find out more.

Same great service…

Our clients consistently tell us that our highly attentive quality of service, when combined with the quality of our videos makes us stand out from a busy market.  Through the re-brand and new websites, we will enhance our service levels to ensure our videos connect with audiences to deliver results.

Thanks for visiting!