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Dependable film helps save a young life.


Making the biggest difference.

We’re driven to make films that make a difference, so we were thrilled to hear how one of our recent films has made the biggest difference imaginable, by helping to save a young life.

The film, produced to help parents spot the signs of sepsis, has received praise from Cheshire mum Amber Mullally.  Amber from Widnes, became concerned after her fourteen-month-old daughter Annabella suddenly became ill in the early hours of the morning. Luckily she’d recently watched the film and was convinced Annabella’s symptoms could be the early stages of the potentially fatal condition. She rushed her daughter to their nearest A&E department, who confirmed it was indeed sepsis.

That swift thinking, on the back of advice in the video, and along with the treatment she received in hospital, saved Annabella’s life.

Praise for Dependable Productions

Little Annabella is now back to full health

Praising the video, Amber said: “I was worried I was causing a fuss over nothing, but went with my gut instinct after watching the video”

“If I hadn’t watched it, I wouldn’t have known what was wrong. It made me aware straight away this could be sepsis. I’m so grateful. The video really helped Annabella and I’m sure it will save many more lives.”


The Dependable team spent a week in a children’s A&E department in order to capture the typical symptoms of sepsis in real children and help parents identify the deadly disease. The video was presented by TV’s Dr Ranj Singh, along with a second film on how to look after a child with fever.

Stories like Amber’s are exactly what drives Dependable’s Creative Director Richard Critchlow. “We make films that make a difference, and there is no greater difference than saving a life.”

“We spent a long time working with healthcare experts and parent groups to make sure the film provided clear messaging, so that parents would be empowered to act as Amber did. We’re delighted to hear Annabella has recovered so well”