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Yarm School

High ambitions. The aerial film helping independent school attract new students.


Promotional video

“The quality of the video is superb! When we saw the finished video we were blown away – it was perfect!


Lynsey Craig- Marketing and Communications Manager, Yarm School


Yarm School is an independent school that approached us to film aerial pictures of new development, to promote them to new and existing parents and convert views into new pupils.


Looking to maximise the schools investment in video, we suggested that we should use the same shoot to capture the entire school rather than just the new development. We explained how, with careful choreography, we could use aerial imagery to showcase the complete Yarm offer and the pupils getting the most out of it. Our client agreed this was a more valuable use of their budget and we began to plan carefully for the shoot. It was then a case of waiting for a good day weather wise to show the school off at its best.


After a site visit, we developed a shooting script to ensure that each shot would tell a story rather than simply being a pretty picture. We also sought the relevant permissions to fly. We waited for good weather for the shoot, and on the day our team choreographed pupils and teachers to capture life at the school. To ensure everyones safety whilst filming with the drone, we spoke to every child in a language they understood, so it was a relaxed and enjoyable experience for all. In post production we set the pictures to impactful, stirring music with stunning results.


Impact was seen almost immediately with the film gaining 5,000 views in its first 24 hours. Since then, views have continued to climb but more importantly they have been converted into numbers, with several new parents indicating they chose Yarm after watching the film. The pioneering film was featured in local newspapers and was selected to be shown at the London Drone Film Festival.