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Welcome to Yorkshire: UCI World Road Cycling Championships

Putting Yorkshire on the World Cycling Map


The UCI were hugely impressed with the films and said they’d never had as many people to a route presentation before! Go Yorkshire!

Marie Christopher-Davey, Director of Communications, Welcome to Yorkshire


Welcome to Yorkshire approached us to make a promotional film ahead of the county hosting the UCI World Road Cycling championship in 2019. The film was to be played at the conclusion of the 2018 race to a global audience in Innsbruck, Austria. Our brief was to make a film that married the best of Yorkshire with the rainbow jersey, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation around the event.


We came up with the idea to show a journey of route through Yorkshire featuring amateur cyclists sporting the rainbow jersey, thus showing the two in harmony together. We would use a combination of ground and aerial shots to show the county off at its best. To develop a sense of building excitement through the film, we decided to start the journey with one cyclist who was then joined by more and more people. We developed a shooting script alongside our client, which laid out each scene of the film so we could ensure we had a good range of locations around Yorkshire.


We planned the shoot very carefully, seeking permissions and reccying locations to ensure we could film safely and so we understood the choreography of each shot, to capture the county at its best. In order to make the film as accessible as possible, we wanted to use a range of genders, ages and abilities in the film. We approached a local cycling club and made appeals on social media to ensure there was a good mix of people. We waited for the right weather and then filmed over two days with our volunteers in their rainbow jerseys. We had to cover a wide geographical area over the two days so had to work quickly and efficiently. In post production we graded the the pictures, picking out natural light and colour, to really make the film “pop”.


Our client was delighted with the film which was played at the concluding event of the 2018 UCI World Road Cycling championship where it had a great reception. It was also shared widely on social media and also picked up by mainstream media. Marie Christopher-Davey from Welcome to Yorkshire told us “The UCI were hugely impressed with the films and said they’d never had as many people to a route presentation before! Go Yorkshire!”