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Video helps leading cancer hospital highlight outstanding standards.


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Our client The Christie NHS Foundation Hospital Trust, approached us to produce a film that would demonstrate how it the organisation was meeting and going beyond the expected quality standards.  The Christie was keen to show a broad audience – including patients, staff, and regulators – how and why it was rated as outstanding.


We knew the audience for the film was a broad one,  so wanted to include as many voices and opinions as possible, including patients and staff. Our approach was to ask these groups to give their opinions about the Christie,  alongside pictures of the great care being given at the hospital. We wanted there to be plenty of “that could be me” moments and pack the film with positivity. So, we decided to film some opinions as punchy one word descriptions, written on a whiteboard and include other, more in depth clips. In this way we could cram in lots of different voices and opinions. We had already made several films for the Christie so had some existing material we could include, to ensure there a good mix of people.  We developed a set of questions to ask each person,  that covered the standards expected of such a high calibre organisation.


We filmed over 2 days, across the site, ensuring we spoke to people from a diverse range of backgrounds and ages, but all answering the same questions. We tried to visit different parts of the hospital to show the breadth of the Christie’s work. It is an incredibly positive place, despite the difficult disease it is trying to deal with. We worked sensitively, to ask the right questions so we could capture uplifting comments from staff and patients. In post production, we selected the answers that best reflected the quality of the organisation and used as many one word, whiteboard answers as possible. We created a title page that asked “What the Christie means to staff and patients”  and let what were incredible testimonies do the talking. When set to music and with appropriate imagery, the result was a really powerful and positive film.


The film is now being played on screens within the hospital as well as being used online and in presentations.  The Christie has since been rated for a second time as outstanding by the standards body, The Care Quality Commission.