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Evergreen Life User Films

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Evergreen life is a health and wellbeing app which stores your personal health record- everything from your diet and fitness data- to your GP records. The app can help people take control of their own health and wellbeing.  The company approached us to make a series of explainer videos to showcase the possibilities the app provides to new and existing users. These would sit within the app, online and be shared via email.


We wanted the audience to have complete clarity about the functionality of the app so knew we needed to include visuals of it in use. But the videos needed to be more engaging than simple shots of a screen. We therefore proposed to use our in house presenter Kate Simms and put her in a virtual environment, alongside shots of the app and on screen text that highlighted key points as she talked through the services the app could offer.  We worked alongside the client to develop the scripts, keeping them as short and punchy as possible to ensure viewers would stay engaged. We also highlighted what text and visuals would appear on screen for each keypoint so there was complete clarity before we went into production.


We have a green screen and autocue facilities at our studios so we were able to film the 13 scripts delivered by Kate very efficiently, in both time and budget terms.  We felt some of the fitness themed films would be better delivered by an Evergreen life personal trainer, so took our green screen to Manchester to film there too. In post production we created a virtual space using Evergreen life branding, adding graphics of the app in use and text that highlighted the key points. We then added appropriate music and titles.


In all we created 16 user videos for Evergreen life, which are now being viewed by users in many different ways. We have since been commissioned to make a series of functional app demo films and are now working on a brand film for the company.