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Evergreen Life Brand Film

Brand film challenges viewers to explore how "fine" they really are.



Promotional video


Evergreen life is an app that helps people take control of their own health and wellbeing in a range of different ways. While we had made a number of  “how to” user videos to help customers navigate the app, our client wanted an overall brand film to clearly and quickly define the offer to a wide audience. The film needed to be short, engaging and shareable.


We spent time brainstorming ideas and realised that many people can convince themselves that they are healthy and well, without actually taking the time to check how true that actually is. People dismiss questions about their wellbeing with “I’m fine”. However, Evergreen life actually provides users with a complete and accurate picture of how “fine” they really are. We decided to take the rhetorical question – “How are you?” and use common responses to expose human vulnerabilities while showing how the Evergreen Life app could help address potential problems. We decided to use an actor to play the role of “everyman” to explore these concepts in apparently everyday life on location.


We knew our actor needed charisma and appeal to engage with the target audience, so we carried out a casting process, to find the right person. Alongside this, we worked with our client to develop a script that appeared to be a conversation or internal monologue, to represent thoughts of real people and how the EGL app could help. We needed a number of locations and as the company is based in Manchester, we worked with Screen Manchester and local businesses to secure the relevant permissions. We filmed our actor delivering his lines over 2 days in a variety of locations whilst ensuring each scene seemed to flow seamlessly from one to the other. The final call to action included a shot of the app apparently in action, which we created in after effects for greater visibility.