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Durham University

Making the complex simple: Intellectual Property explained.




Without the expertise and insight from Dependable Productions in analysing results from focus groups, the final outputs would have been at a far lower standard than that which we have actually achieved”


Emeritus Professor Brian Tanner- former Dean for University Enterprise, Durham University.


Durham University required a 3 minute video to raise awareness of Intellectual Property among the student population. We had to find a balance between providing often complex, legal concepts in a dynamic and creative way.


We attended relevant lectures and focus groups, to improve our own understanding of the subject.  We also spent time talking to students to understand any potential barriers to learning and to find out what treatment would appeal to them most. Our solution was to use a presenter the audience could relate to, delivering simple learning points and using real brands as examples, to help students apply the law to their own ideas and products.


Working alongside legal experts, we developed a clear and simple script that covered the key learning points. We also spent time selecting a young presenter who the audience would relate to. Most of the film was set against a green screen to allow us to add graphic details and emphasise key facts to improve learning.


The film is now being used widely to improve learning at Durham University and has had over 7,000 views on YouTube. Crucially, it is also reaching audiences beyond Durham. With the university’s permission, it’s being used as a learning tool by academics at other institutions that have been impressed by it. “Fantastic”, “brilliant and “wow” were just a few of the phrases that our clients used to describe the finished film.