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Visaul attraction. The animated film helping software company secure new clients.



Promotional video

Dependable Productions was an incredible resource, offering input and recommendations on the overall creative development. The team walked us through the entire project and managed to bring it to life even before the “camera” was turned on. The final video exceeded all our expectations.”


Michael Slipsager – Co founder, BULLWALL


Global software company BullWall needed to promote its new and highly innovative product in the fight against Malware attack, RansomCare. BullWall knew other companies were working on similar products and needed a tool to explain what was a complex concept to potential clients, before anyone else could.


We listened carefully to the client’s needs and spent time thoroughly understanding the software, before recommending that animation would be the best way to convey its USPs. Experience has shown us that animation is a great tool with which to make the complex simple and we felt we could accurately reflect what is a cutting edge product with a high tech feel animation.


The film was to form part of an upcoming pitch to potential new clients so we worked quickly. We developed a narrative script and then a visual script so our client understood exactly what the film would look like before we began the animation process. The imagery had to be in line with what is a high tech product, so we used 3D animation, for a real and innovative look and feel, all within a tight budget.


Since delivering the film we have worked with BullWall to develop its distribution strategy. We managed a targeted Linked In campaign that delivered the video to over 11,000 IT specialists and potential customers, raising brand awareness. The client believes the film helped them win business at their pitches and it continues to earn its keep.