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BDO. Work in the future

BDO: Imagining the working day of the future.

“An absolutely fantastic job. Just what we wanted, well done!”

BDO Accounting



We love a creative challenge, so when our client BDO accounting asked us to produce a film that showcased the role that AI might have in the workplace of the future, the cogs really started to turn! Our brief was to predict how technology would enhance the workplace and then present it to the viewer, in a realistic way, which would reassure rather than alarm colleagues about the potential impact of AI.  With the technology we were imaging not even being created yet, lateral thinking was the order of the day!


Our first task was to create a narrative to describe a day in the life of the BDO of the future. We created a female character and the story of her day, highlighting the available technology touchpoints. The client was anxious to portray a reality that could be possible within 5 – 10 years, so we came up with the idea of using “smart” glasses and screens, as these are already in the early stages of development. We storyboarded stages of the day, highlighting how our character would use smart mirrors ,voice commands and visual prompts to organise her day. We also outlined what she would ” see” through her smart view glasses. We worked with agencies to cast our leading lady and sourced locations around London in which to shoot, planning every detail of the shoot including props, costume and timetabling.


Filming took place over 2 days in London. We shot using our gimbal mounted camera so we could follow our character smoothly. Our actress also wore a go pro camera on her head, to provide a “point of view” shot of how she used her smart glasses. Back at base we created on brand taster motion graphics so our client could visualise what the “smart” world would look like. Once approved we edited the film in line with the script, adding music, motion tracked graphics and titles. We created both a long and short version of the film.


BDO were thrilled with the first draft and amends were minimal. The film was played at an event and has been used many times since. Its now being shown to external audiences: “This is incredible”, “Fabulous work”  and “Just what we wanted”  are a few examples of the kind of positive feedback we’ve received.