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BDO animated infographic

Show stopper. Video sets a positive tone for awards ceremony.


Event Coverage

Promotional video

“We have had some brilliant feedback and the videos certainly made the whole thing top notch”.

BDO Southampton


Leading accountancy firm BDO required a video to open its Central South England annual gala evening. The firm wanted to impress clients and potential clients by showcasing its expertise and understanding of the market.


BDO had collated a number of key facts along with quotes from clients that it thought would impress the gathered audience. However they were unsure as to the best way to convey the information. We came up with the idea to create an animated infographic, using images, text and word clouds. BDO’s event was fast approaching so we quickly developed a script and storyboard so they could clearly visualise the finished film.


With the script signed off, we began the animation process. Like most of our clients, BDO has a strict set of brand guidelines so we had to ensure all the images, fonts and colours adhered closely to them. We set the infographics to upbeat music to set a positive tone for the evening and present BDO as thought leaders in their market. We also worked with BDO and its event team to ensure the film was shown at its best at the event. We delivered the film, alongside another film for the event, within a tight timetable and budget.


BDO was delighted with the video and had really positive feedback from attendees. We were told the video had set exactly the right tone for the evening.  As result of its success, we were asked to update it and to create a new one for the following year. We look after our client’s material carefully so it was very easy for us to revisit and make changes to the project, offering our client real value from their original investment.